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EVENTS: How to make yours stand out

Big or small, how can you give your event that WOW factor?

Creating a brand for your event can help generate interest, encourage participation, and create a unique experience for attendees. You might be thinking … a brand? For an event? Yup… and you’re welcome. Now you know the secret ingredient for event success.

Event branding is the combination of elements — an event logo, colors, and fonts — that help communicate the vibe of your event. It makes it easier to generate recognition and excitement leading up to your event and helps create a memorable experience during the event itself.

The aesthetics of your event are increasingly important in our digitally-driven world — shorter attention spans and more competing messages mean that creating attractive visuals is necessary to capture attention.

But it isn’t JUST about LOOKING pretty … humans are visual beings and we process visual information in the blink of an eye — so much more effectively than we process text. The bottom line is that you can capture more attention and boost engagement if your event has a compelling visual to help make a lasting impression.

Where will you use these elements?

  • Event signage
  • Social Media promoting your event
  • Event Registration & Ticketing
  • Event website
  • Volunteer uniforms
  • Participant gifts
  • Swag

Want to learn more?

Check out this article about event branding.

We can help you create an event logo, provide inspiration for unique event swag, and help your volunteers and attendees look amazing.

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