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Online Merch Stores

Our online pre-order service is built for groups looking for an easy way to manage individual orders for custom apparel.


Choose your gear.

We will guide you through the process of picking the gear you want to have customized and creating and/or finalizing artwork.


We create your online store.

Your custom store will feature images of your branded items and will make it super easy for people to place their orders!​


Let people know it's time to order!

We supply a flyer to help you advertise your merchandise. Post it on social media, hand it out, and hang it up around town.


Get your gear!

Expect delivery within 14 business days of your store closing. We handle all payments, packaging, orders, and shipping options.

Check out our Sample Merch Stores

Click on the logos below to see an example of how your store might look!
These show our SIMPLE MERCH STORE option (see below for details).

Online Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery Merch Store

Choose your store

It is easy to get your Merch Store started. We collect a fully refundable $200 Commitment Fee to get your store up and running: we’ll help you pick your gear, get your artwork proofed on the products you choose, and get your online store built!

Once you sell $750 worth of gear from your store (don’t stress, this is only about 24 items), CHA-CHING your Commitment Fee is refunded.

simple merch store

We make it super easy to get your Merch Store online! Your simple store includes up to four products with two design/artwork setups.

premium merch store

Customize your store by offering additional products and/or designs…the sky’s the limit!

Additional products / $30 per
Your first four products are included. If you decide to add additional products to your store this fee covers proofing, stock and inventory management, and online store management.

Additional designs / $50 per
Your first two design/artwork setups are included. Add up to four additional design/artwork setups to your store. Each new design requires a unique setup for production and additional proofs.

Tips for Success

Make your store unique

Offering limited edition designs or new products can help increase sales.

Choose the right time of year to open your store

The time of year that you launch your store will impact your success! Plan strategically to open your merch store at a time when your community is MOST engaged and doesn’t have a lot of competing interests or financial obligations.

Generate buzz!

The more effort you put into marketing your store, the more gear you will sell! Shoot out an email when your store opens, and share the link on Instagram and Facebook. Send reminders a few days before your sale closes.

frequently asked questions

Excellent question!

We work with you to choose products, create proofs, and setup your online store. Once the store goes live it is up to YOU to get the word out and sell the goods. That is out of our control…so we collect the commitment fee as a way to guarantee that you are as invested in the success of your store as we are.

Every item we decorate requires a design setup.

If you are ordering screen printed gear, we have to burn screens (one screen for each color in your design).

If you are ordering embroidered gear, we have to digitize your artwork in order to communicate your design to the embroidery machines.

Here are some examples of how setups come into play as we print your gear:

If you order a design — but have it sized differently on certain products (a sweatshirt and a hat for example)— that would require two different design setups, one for each size.

However,  if you order three products (like a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a long sleeve shirt) all with the SAME DESIGN printed at the SAME SIZE on each product, it would only require ONE setup!

Or maybe you want your logo embroidered on hats and screen printed on the chest of your t-shirts . This would require TWO different setups — we would digitize your logo for the embroidery machines and burn screens for the screen printing press.

In general, stores that offer fewer items sell far more of each item.

With the free Merch Store, you get four free products with two free design setups.

Each product you sell requires proofing, stock management, and management of your online store.  Because we offer this store at NO CHARGE to you, we try to streamline the process. 

If you want to offer additional products or designs, upgrade to the Premium Merch Store so you can customize your store!

Good question! If you offer a similar product in both youth and adult sizes we count it as one product.

It’s easy! Mark-up the prices of your gear to raise money for an organization or cause of your choice. Choose either a flat $5 markup per item OR a 20% markup across your store.

We limit the amount items can be marked up in order to make sure the price of the products you are selling reflects the quality of the item your customers are buying. If you mark a $30 sweatshirt up to $70 your customers are likely to feel disappointed with the quality of the sweatshirt they receive — and we never want anyone to feel anything but happy about their custom gear!

Important Notes

  • Due to the made-to-order nature of pre-sale campaigns, there are no returns or exchanges. Upon request, we can provide blank product samples to help people find their correct size.

  • All items are subject to availability at the time of ordering and if the agreed upon garment is no longer available it will be replaced with something comparable in price and quality with your approval.

  • You choose the completion date of your pre-sale. We cannot accept orders after that date without delaying delivery of your order.

  • You’ll need to supply print-ready artwork. If you don’t know what that is or if you need help…we’ve got you! We provide art support at a minimal cost.

  • Free design/artwork setup applies to artwork that is four colors or less. If your artwork includes more than four colors, it may incur a fee.

  • If your store sells less than 24 pieces of any screen printed design, we may substitute vinyl transfers as the decoration method. The end result is very similar to screen printing and you likely won’t even be able to tell the difference!