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Frequently Asked Questions

We make ordering custom apparel as simple as it can be!

 Here is a list of commonly asked questions. Feel free to contact us if your question isn’t answered below.

The Basics

We want to give you the most positive custom apparel ordering experience you’ve ever had, at every interaction.

Aside from our expertise & ability to create a top-notch product for you, emphasis on details and communication are just as important to us. Our entire process is built with that in mind, while keeping things as simple & efficient as possible.

Get in touch, we’ll keep you happy!

But don’t take our word for it…take a peek at what others are saying.

SUMMER HOURS (July 10 – Labor Day)

Monday thru Thursday: 8:30am-6:00pm
Friday: 8:30am-12:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

You bet! Please contact us to set up a time to chat about your project. We aren’t always able to accomodate walk-ins and would love to be sure we’re prepared for you

Once we gather all the details we need to give you an accurate quote, we will send a quote within 24-48 hours. We’ve put together a helpful tool to get the process started. Please click here to get your quote rolling ASAP.

Our minimum order quantity is 24 pieces for screen printing and 12 pieces for embroidery (per garment style and/or color ).

Minimum quantities apply to items decorated with the same process & printed or stitched with the same artwork. That’s what we call a production run folks.

We wish we had a magic eight ball to know what sizes you’ll need but since we don’t here are some tips for choosing sizes:

  • Across the board the most commonly ordered sizes are medium and large.

  • We have sizes you can look at in our showroom and can advise you on sizing for a particular item.

  • We can order samples for you to take home (you’ll be charged for samples but can use those shirts as part of your order if they are returned in new condition).


  • Ask your group what their sizes are in a commonly worn brand (like Nike).  Compare the size chart of that brand to the size chart of the product you are choosing to customize as a way to confirm you are ordering the correct sizes.

Sure, you can split the order amongst different types items or colors. Keep in mind that some items cannot be run together. Like hats & tee shirts or bags & sweatshirts, for example.

To help keep the process simple & efficient for all, we just ask for a minimum of 12pcs per Garment Style and/or color.

Our standard lead time is 10-14 business days from receiving your order approval & payment.

We’ll work together to finalize artwork and order details. Once we have everything squared away, you will receive an electronic order confirmation for your approval.

The magic begins after an order has been approved & paid for. Then we go full steam ahead ordering the blank goods, scheduling a production date & prepping for production.

Orders with special added services like personalizations, folding, bagging, tagging, etc, may add to the standard turnaround time. Turnaround time does not include the pickup date or shipping time in transit.

Your total price per piece is based on a few factors;

  1. Garment Choice- We have a wide selection of catalogs you can choose from, and prices vary depending on the quality of garment you choose. Click here to see what brands we have to offer
  2. Quantity- The more the merrier.
  3. Decoration- What artwork are we are putting on the garments, where the artwork is going on the garment & how we’re making it happen.

Screen Print pricing is determined by the total number of colors in your design, how many locations on the garment will be printed, and the total number of pieces you need printed.

Embroidery pricing is determined by the total number of stitches in your design, how many locations on the garment will be embroidered, and the total number of pieces you need printed.

Once an order has been finalized, you will receive an Approval Request prior to production that will include a link to process payment and send us off and running. Unless other arrangements have been made with your business or organization, we require 100% payment up front before we begin processing orders.

Let us know. Although it may delay the order a few days, we can usually add to an order without issue.

Once an order is approved you may be required to keep all items from the approved invoice. Shipping or restocking charges may apply in some cases.


We prefer Vector Artwork in; .ai, .eps, or .pdf files. Please make sure to “Convert text to outlines” so we don’t need to worry about us having the font.

If you are working in Photoshop or other Raster Image based program, please be sure to start your file at 300dpi. We can work with hi-resolution .PSD, .PNG, .TIFF or .JPG files.

This term refers to artwork ready for production. If you have vector artwork (.ai, .eps, .pdf) most likely you are all set. If all you have is a choppy .JPG file from a website header or an idea from Pinterest you may need some design support.

Don’t worry we include basic design support with every order and can help you determine whether your artwork will give you the quality final result you want. When you look good, we look good.

Absolutely! Every order comes with some basic design assistance to get your artwork ready for production. Artwork needing any extra TLC may require some billable time from our Art Department. Our in-house design services start at $35 per hour.

Not sure? Just send it along. We’ll know right away and will let you know.

If you have an idea but need a designer to help create an original creative design, we have an in-house design team that can help with that. Our in-house design services start at $35 per hour.

Absolutely! We create digital mockups for every order. This allows you to see the approximate size, colors and placement of your artwork. We use the actual product shots to give you the best snapshot of what your products will look like.

Please keep in mind that the digital mockups are our best approximate representations. Colors, graphic sizing proportions & graphic placements may fluctuate slightly depending on garment sizes or other factors encountered during production.

Still have questions? Check out this article with more tips for quality artwork.

Choosing a garment

We offer a wide selection of brands and styles. Too many to list here so we’ve compiled them here for you to check out.

If you have a specific garment type or brand you’re looking for, let us know. We have oodles of options for any occasion.

The style & quality of the product you choose to customize will impact the final price per piece of your order.

We prefer to supply the garments we will be decorating for you. Reason being, we have a great relationship with our vendors and stand by the products we offer. On top of that we are very familiar with most of the styles/fabrics and know the best way to approach decorating them beautifully. Not to mention we can get more in a hurry if need be.

That said, we do accommodate BYO orders with some caveats.

  • BYO items are subject to our assessment for success
  • Minimums still apply
  • No worn or pre-washed items
  • On the off chance that something goes awry during the process, we are not able or responsible to replace the items.

Our showroom is stocked with many of the more frequently used styles. If we don’t have what you’d like to see, we can get a sample or two for you. Special order samples are typically required to be added into your order.

Online Merch Stores

You choose how many items you want to sell! In general, we have found that stores that sell fewer items sell MORE overall. We have two kinds of merch stores:


simple merch store

We make it super easy to get your Merch Store online! Your simple store includes up to four products with two design/artwork setups at no extra cost.


premium merch store

Customize your store by offering additional products and/or designs.

Start with four products and two design/artwork setups at no extra cost. Then add on:

Additional products / $30 per
Your first four products are included. If you decide to add additional products to your store this fee covers proofing, stock and inventory management, and online store management.

Additional designs / $50 per
Your first two design/artwork setups are included. Add up to four additional design/artwork setups to your store. Each new design requires a unique setup for production and additional proofs.

Get in touch and we will talk you through it!

We collect a fully refundable $200 Commitment Fee to get your store up and running: we’ll help you pick your gear, get your artwork proofed on the products you choose, and get your online store built!

Once you sell $750 worth of gear from your store (don’t stress, this is only about 24 items), CHA-CHING your Commitment Fee is fully refunded.


Excellent question!

We work with you to choose products, create proofs, and setup your online store. Once the store goes live it is up to YOU to get the word out and sell the goods.

Promoting your Merch Store to your community is out of our control…so we collect the setup fee as a way to guarantee that you are as invested in the success of your store as we are.

Don’t stress! You only have to sell about 24 items before CHA-CHING your setup fee is fully refunded.

You sure can! You can choose to markup the items in your store by a percentage—up to 25%.

The markup you choose will be applied to all items in your store and you will receive a commission check from us once the store is closed.

Sure. We include two production setups with your store (no setup fee), and you can add additional designs/decoration methods  for $50 each.

Production setup  = your design + decoration method (screenprinting, embroidery, heat transfer)

We’ve found that stores that offer fewer options often sell MORE and have no difficulty meeting the minimums. It might be better to save some cool ideas for your next merch store.

Yes! We include one sample for each style in your store. If you need additional sizes we charge you the pre-printed cost of those garments. 

If you return your samples and we can use them to print your order we will refund the cost of those samples (so keep your samples in good condition!).

Before we can open your store and start taking orders a few things need to happen.

  1. You need to choose which products you are offering.
  2. You need to approve artwork proofs. 

It takes 5-7 business days to get your store online once you approve your proofs

You know we love saying yes, but this time the answer is no.

Merch stores are a pre-order service. Once your store closes, we order all of your products and then prepare our presses or embroidery machines to customize your products. Each design and decoration method requires a production setup, and in order to keep pricing down we require a minimum of 12 pieces to be run at a time.

You decide! Typically people open their stores for 1-2 weeks.

It is all about finding the right balance for your organization—you want to give everyone enough time to order but you don’t want them to have to wait too long to get your awesome gear once they do. 

We start production once your store closes.

Let’s talk about it.

If you reopen the store, everyone that has placed an order will have to wait longer to get their gear.

A great option would be to reopen your store in a few months, maybe with a few new products along with the items people loved the first time around. This way you can create a buzz around your store and get everyone excited for the next opportunity to order your customized gear!

Your products will be shipped within 14 business days of your store closing.

A bit…the pricing of products in merch stores reflects the level of service you get.  

Our Merch Store Service makes the entire process of selling and distributing custom gear simple and stress free. 

When you place a bulk order YOU have to collect and organize orders, keep track of sizes, collect payments and individually distribute the finished products.

Merch stores simplify the process, and allow you to offer custom gear to a wide audience without having to stress about the details.