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Team gifts Simplified

Employee Appreciation

We make it SIMPLE to give custom gifts to your team.

You understand that letting your employees know they are appreciated can help boost morale, team spirit, and productivity. Yet the reality of choosing a gift that your whole team will enjoy, ordering correct sizes, and distributing gifts can take a ton of time and effort.

Our online Merch Store service makes it simple to give custom gifts to your whole team.  Reduce waste and streamline gift giving. Let us handle the individual orders and  give your employees the freedom to choose the gift that best fits them.

How it works

This service is ideal for companies with 100+ Employees. We charge a 50% deposit based on your employee population. Your deposit is applied to your final invoice.

We make giving custom gifts to your whole team easy.


See how our Employee Appreciation Merch Stores have worked for other businesses.

St. Joseph Hospital Week Employee Gifts
IWP Employee Appreciation

The coupon code we provide will only work once per order. If a person places a second order we will notify you when we close your store. We can delete these orders before production so you won’t be charged multiple times per employee.

The benefit of using coupon codes is that your employees are able to redeem their free gift and also purchase additional items if they see something else they love in your store!

No, you can choose items at different price points. You determine the value of the coupon you give your employees.

You bet! We can create coupon codes with different values for you to distribute.

Maybe you want to offer senior management a more expensive item than your general employee population. We can do that!

Items ship 10-14 business days after your store closes.

Click here to get your order started. Once we receive your quote request we will reach out and setup a time to talk through the details and get your employee appreciation store rolling.